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About us


Decades of experience allow us to offer a cleaner, safer and more productive operation.

Martin is strategically present worldwide for the manufacture and sale of specialized products and services.

In Brazil, we have factories in Campinas and the state of Pará, and with sales and service teams throughout the national territory. Main solutions:

  • Solutions for Transfer Points;
  • Safety Solutions for Belt Conveyors;
  • Scraper Systems for Cleaning Conveyor Belts;
  • Air Cannon Systems to Aid Material Flow;
  • Dust Control and Management;
  • Industrial Vibration Solutions;
  • Maintenance, Assembly and Supervision services focused on Safety and High Performance.

This global and at the same time local presence allows the company to provide adequate resources for the most complex projects, facilities and support where necessary.

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Our compromise.

Our commitment to innovation serves as a fundamental principle that drives our business. It is one of the many reasons why our customers have demonstrated their loyalty to us over the decades.

We are also passionate and dedicated to improving the world, Martin exists to Propagate Excellence so that Families Thrive and so that Society Progresses, a fundamental element of our Transpire Laranja culture.

It is also our commitment to operate intelligently and sustainably to improve the way we serve our customers, our employees and communities around the world.

Thus, we believe that acting responsibly and giving back to the communities we serve offers sustainable benefits in the long term.


These four areas are completely interconnected. That is our approach. Each product we sell and all the solutions we provide focuses on:

  • Protect workers from accidents, injuries or illness;
  • Offer solutions with the lowest cost of ownership, highest performance, ease of maintenance, safety and quality in the market;
  • Eliminate waste of movement and use of energy in your process, maximizing revenues and minimizing costs;
  • Handle as much material as possible without interruption, accident or loss of material.
  • However, Martin's success is not based on selling solutions and services, but on understanding the journey the customer takes from discovering a need or problem to finding a real solution, including all that customer's interactions and experiences, in the view of the customer, and thus make it as easy as possible to do business and maintain a long-term partnership with Martin.